zaterdag 13 maart 2010

Love the look

Love these AMAZING looks! His killer trousers and detailed sweater are perfect! Don;t forget to check out that gorgeous detailed leather jacket, dramatic shoulders make the look complete! Wow!

vrijdag 5 maart 2010

Dramatic nails at Gareth Pugh Fall 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the reasons why I, just a simple little italian boy with no fashion history is so infatuated and intrigued by the fashion industry. So innovative and always developing.. I am always surprised, collection after collection, season after season and trend after trend.

Killer Jumpsuit!

I love this jumpsuit! Ordered it today, I would love to use it for a shoot one day. Sexy and playful but very classy!

House of Dereon Promo

Style of Wintour

HA! told you I was right! This woman got a flawless style that fits her age well!

Sassy little Cassie

donderdag 4 maart 2010

Cassie update!

Cassie and her new look at the Gareth Pugh Ready-to-Wear Fall-Winter 2010 show in Paris. She looks stunning and so fashionable! This woman knows how to present herself. The way she wears her half shaved head and still can make it look classy is amazing!


Model of the week on Amazing.

Ciara in Givenchy Haute Couture

Something I failed to post before, my head is like a machine but not so well oiled as I'd like it to be. Little miss Ciara is developing herself to be quite the fashion icon indeed. I've been following her outfits for a while now and I must say (with a crying heart) that she's doing better than Cassie. The boyish Ciara turned fashion icon just like that! For example, Ciara wearing Givenchy at the Annual Grammy's. Classic and a picture to frame!

Well done Cee-Cee!

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010

Sit back and enjoy the fall 2010 Cavalli collection. I forgot how found of animal prints I really am.. Leopard print used to make me sick at a certain point but right now I'm all for it! Classic prints with shiny black, silk and deep brown leather, the best fur in different shapes and colors, I love it!

So Ready for fall 2010!

woensdag 3 maart 2010

Little miss Outfit!

Some stuff I ordered a while ago came in today, Iris was so kind to work it!

Velvet Leggings and dramatic shoulder vest with some killer heels.

She's killing it!

Master at work!

In life you encounter many people that inspire you, Eduard is one of them. Check out his amazing photography and more of his work by clicking on the image. Not many photographers catch my eye but Eduard did quite a while ago. He has his own signature and character that shows through out all his work. Dark and edgy yet vibrant and clean.

Check out more of him online.

Anna Wintour

I love it when Anna wears Fur! I love the way she keeps promoting fur in Vogue, and I love that she keeps doing both even though the critics are so lethal. Trust me, I love animals but fur is just so hot.

Go Anna, YOU ROCK.

Chanel goes straw!

And I'm like; Thank you Karl, yet again! It looks so hot! imagine women dressed their best, hot sun on soft browned skin, the smell of flowers, fresh breeze and perfume, light maxi dresses and this bag. Issn't that picture perfect?

Gloria Coelho Spring/Summer 2010

Gloria Coelho Show Spring Summer 2009/2010 (complete version) from on Vimeo.

I am so mad at myself for not seeing this show before, I have never seen this collection. Thank god I bumped in to it! It is so vibrant, fresh, and freaky at times. It makes me smile and curious to see every next piece walking down that runway. The shoes look killing, I don't see anyone actually wearing them but I think it looks amazing. Wonderful use of fabric and materials en very well put together.