zondag 19 juni 2011

Tosca Delfino Spring/Summer 2011 Swimwear

Gaga Covers RS!

Cassie At Carrol’s Daughter Event

I love the fresh smell of a boobjob!

Burgers and Nails

Via Burgers and Nails Blog

Nail Art: This I like!

We've seen all sorts of nail art but this just hits the spot for me. I'm not found of the puffy, girly cupcake sweet nail art.. it's all to much! But this is sexy! Go get yourself a ''many'' ladies!

Love for Louboutin

Giancarlo Pagana Styling

Models: Viviane Marissa Francesca, Kayley Schoorel, Tirza Tjon Kwan Paw
Photography: Angela Tellier
Hair & Make-up: Giancarlo Pagana/Models
Styling: Giancarlo Pagana

Drag me in to it.

A drag queen is usually a man who dresses, and usually acts, like a caricature woman often for the purpose of entertaining. There are many kinds of drag artists and they vary greatly, from professionals who have starred in movies to people who just try it once. Although many drag queens are gay men, there are drag artists of all genders and sexualities who do drag for various reasons.

For me a dragqueen is an artist, what better way to express yourself.

Person on the images: Edward Vigiletti, a very talented young man.

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Daphne Groenvold Numéro Issue 124

Styled by David Mullen, photographed by Greg Kadel featuring Daphne Groenveld.Hair by Duffy, Makeup by Mariel Barrera.

SHOEGASM: Christian Louboutin ‘Mikarani’ Opera Slippers


Têca Spring /Summer 2012

Ted Noten Weapon Of Beauty

Single ladies who are taking no shit, open up that purse cause Ted Noten created the above gun titled ‘Dior 001′. Made of 3D printed nylon the gun conceals a vintage hairpin, Dior lip gloss, pills and a bar of silver.

Poor man that tries to approach you.

Cassie Ventura for Nylon Magazine

Style Icon Emma Watson on VOGUE Cover + Editorial.

Photographed by the one and only Mario Testino, Emma is wearing designs of Alexander McQueen <3, Prada, Tom Ford, D&G and Calvin Klein

Looking great ''Hermione''.

Beyonce Covers L’Uomo Vogue July 2011

Back In Business

I've been away for quite a while now, priority's in life unfortunately forced me to stop blogging for a while.

But be at ease, cause Gianni's back and better than ever!

Stay Tuned kids!