maandag 7 juni 2010

Project Iris

Styling & photography by me.

Fendi Fur Puff Charm

Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Italy

Chanel Cassette Clutch

This Chanel clutch was updated with a crisp white foxtail, now I'm a huge Chanel fan but I'm a sucker for foxtails! This is the perfect combo. Futuristic and classic meet and fall in love.

The best of StockholmStreetStyle.

This is sooo my style! I love it!!!

Rodarte ss 2010 tribal bodypaint

Vogue Nippon July 2010

Don't you just love Abbey Lee Kershaw?

Caroline Blomst

As you all know I am a huge Caroline fan, while checking her blog I found this lovely drawing of her made by Silvia DellaGiacoma. I love it! Hopefully someone will make one of me some day :).


One of my favorite pictures by Eduard Haumahu, I love that it's a portrait but still screams out fashion. Make up is perfect, atmosphere is perfect. I love it!

I even uploaded it to my dashboard. Great work.


Now people, this is what I call a jacket! Perfecting by any means. Lovely details fantastic leather. Absolutely fantastic!