maandag 31 mei 2010

Project Iris

Last night Model Iris and I worked on our own little shoot, I just wanted an amazing headshot and praise the lord I god what I asked for! Iris is working that fierceness! Hair & Make-up, Styling and Photography by the one and only me.

Hope you guys like it!

zaterdag 29 mei 2010

Fashion week fall 2010

I bumped into these pictures from fashionweek fall 2010 on, so I know.. it's old news but I thought that the pictures we're such an inspriation that i went ahead and posted them anyways! all pictures were shot by Kelly Stuart

YSL ColorBlock Heels

From left to right, Palais 105mm Pump in Blue Suede, $720, Palais 105mm Bootie in Fuchsia Suede, $985, Palais 105mm Pump in Yellow Suede with minimum fur, $880. All available at Yves Saint Laurent boutiques.

Girls gotta pay the price to make a statement..

ELLE's Behind the shoot: Miranda Kerr

Spy-ing on Caroline

Spotted on Carolines twitter! Chanel tattoo, lovely print and great shoes!

I'm such a huge fan of Caroline!

Hero! Jared Leto

Shoulderpatted denimlook jacket!

YEAAAH! This denimlook biker jacket from TOPMAN is one of the greatest jackets I own. I put in some shoulderpads to make it my own and rock it Gianni style! I love it cause it looks like denim but it's actually not..

And between me and you, It was cheap as hell!

vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

“Mario Testino is recognised as the ultimate fashion photographer of his generation but his pictures of Kate Moss transcend fashion. The consequence of two decades of extraordinary friendship, and phenomenal glamour, this iconic collaboration is an intimate insight into the lives and minds of two of the world’s definitive style leaders.

In a rare glimpse into the mind of one of the industry’s most private figures, Kate Moss also gives her insights into her life with the celebrated photographer, expanding on both their professional and personal relationship.

This book catalogues the journey of one of fashion’s most creative collaborations, from early days backstage at the shows, to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the ground-breaking editorials they continue to produce for the world’s most respected magazines. Many photographs have been chosen from Testino’s private archive and are published here for the first time.”


Model Spotlight: Kayley

Kayley got this thing, I can't explain! Looking forward to working with her!

For more info & pictures of Kayley and the other models of USMM check:

Lovely pictures are ofcourse shot by Eduard.

dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Style with Isabelle

Yet another blogger I likeee! Read more about Isabelle:

Who Am I?
Thought i'd be necessary with a little presentation for those of you who are wondering who this Isabelle really is. So....

I'm a travel-obsessed fashion addict who was raised in Bangkok from the age of seven to 18. After 11 years spent in the worlds best city (yes it is!) I moved to Melbourne for a year. I currently live in Stockholm and just recently graduated as a fashion Stylist! I have a passion for globetrotting and fantastic e-bay finds (my friends may say a little fanatic.)
I dream about traveling the world for a living, and spending countless hours in small hidden away second hand stores and flee markets. But right now i'll settle for some styling jobs, its hard freelancing!
It's also hard to talk about yourself, so why don't you guys shoot over a question or two if you got any, and i'll answer!

You can always email me at

Read more: here

Vampira Nail Polish by Lacquerized

Fall Musthave!

YSL provised us with this amazing fur bag that would be lovely for the fall! And guess what for an amazing €1895,- it's all yours! Ofcourse you can also kill your own bear and make it yourself.. But why go through so much trouble?

Chanel resort 2011

Vintage Chanel!

Any Chanel item makes my go YEAHHH! But this is sooo lovely! I mean, it's gold and it's Chanel! But vintage means ''hello PRICETAG''!



donderdag 20 mei 2010

Caroline looking great!

One of my all time favorite bloggers Caroline looking amazing! I love her personal style, it's rough around the edges but still feminine and sexy! Girls don't necessarily have to wear short dresses and heels to look sexy and Caroline is the perfect example!