dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Style with Isabelle

Yet another blogger I likeee! Read more about Isabelle:

Who Am I?
Thought i'd be necessary with a little presentation for those of you who are wondering who this Isabelle really is. So....

I'm a travel-obsessed fashion addict who was raised in Bangkok from the age of seven to 18. After 11 years spent in the worlds best city (yes it is!) I moved to Melbourne for a year. I currently live in Stockholm and just recently graduated as a fashion Stylist! I have a passion for globetrotting and fantastic e-bay finds (my friends may say a little fanatic.)
I dream about traveling the world for a living, and spending countless hours in small hidden away second hand stores and flee markets. But right now i'll settle for some styling jobs, its hard freelancing!
It's also hard to talk about yourself, so why don't you guys shoot over a question or two if you got any, and i'll answer!

You can always email me at isabelle@feber.se

Read more: here

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