zondag 15 november 2009


I must say I am overwhelmed with all the talent that is walking around on this planet. Professional photographers and amateur photographers even more! Designers, and artist in every category. I can't stop looking at other peoples passion and work and I seem to take it al in and use the inspiration to my own advantage.

I tend to get lost in a beautiful picture because of the story it tells me. For example a picture of a girl who's not necessarily considered beautiful, the way she captures her own reflection in the mirror with her camera. Shooting 50 pictures and picking out the one that she loves most, just so she can show the world how beautiful she looks. A beautiful painting with different perspectives and as many different stories to it. And then there is fashion.. sweet beloved fashion. Clothing is the best way to express yourself and most of the time you can tell everything about someone just because of the way they dress.

I love the power of expression and the freedom to do whatever you want.

I'm out! See you on the next.

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