zondag 8 november 2009

Amber Rose

Kanye West is obviously part of the secret behind the success of Amber Rose. She went from stripper to fashion icon and is modeling for different campaigns and adds around the world. Although Kanye is not behind the style of Amber. Kanye keeps it simple yet highfashion and street, while Amber is more like the outer space electric pink and flashing yellow kinda girl.

Recently Amber told us in an interview that she is not Kanye's Barbie. ''he doesn't dress me, it's all me'' She also mentioned that she weares different designers like for example Vera wang but also lifts her sculptured body (hips 38 and waist 24) in cheap spandex and second hand clothing. It's not a secret that Amber is a shock on the red carped 70% of the time, but when she tends to wear designer stuff you must admit she kills it. She is very aware of what her body can handle and about what's in style en makes it into her own thing. Therefor she deserves nothing but my respect.

Watch the video below to see the results on Amber and Kanye's collaboration on the ELLE shoot.

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