zondag 8 november 2009

Cassie look-a-like contest

Ok... at first I really don't know what to say.. there was a so called Cassie look-a-like contest organized by Denise Behler ''host of cassieverse.org''.. I think it's kinda freaky, obsessive, weird and awkward.. I've been following this Denise girl on twitter for a while and that girl is honestly f*cked up. I've advised her to go see a psychiatrist but clearly she didn't follow my advice.

Anyways.. let's get back to Cassie (look-a-like)! If you thought it couldn't get any stranger.. The name of the girl who won the contest is Chassidy.. Yeah.. weird right...

Anyways.. pictures.. You decide.. does she look like her or not? I'm gonna skip my comments on this one..

I am so freaked out right now.. you have no idea!

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