zondag 8 november 2009

Piece of Me

OK, just to start with; Thank you for all the people being all positive about my Blogs and ideas and the things I've stolen from the net and tried to modify it making it my own.

Before you continue following or reading my blogs please let me remind you of one thing; Nothing is original, originality is nonexistent. The internet is filled with information and news that you can use to your advantage. I never claimed to be a reporter, writer or publisher. My blog is a way to express myself, to show the rest what I am interested in, hoping that what I like, can entertain you. It is not my goal to stay on top of what's happening in fashion, music or what so ever. I only wish to share what's on my mind on a particular moment.

Ok, that's of my chest!

Now I'd like to continue with all negativity I have received the last few days. '' It's funny how a guy can interest himself so much in women's clothing '' or '' Are you gay or something? '' and '' That's old news ''.

Ok... I'd like to take advantage of this moment to set a few things straight. I'm the type of person who used to care allot about other people's opinion. I used to adapt myself to my environment like a chameleon for a long time. It is only in the last few years that I came in touch with the person that was inside and finally got comfortable with myself. Therefor I can honestly say that I don't give a fucking CRAP about what people think of me now and I feel completely save and confident with telling the truth. so here it goes; I AM NOT GAY! Sure I'm not your typical stereotype beer drinking football fan guy who hangs around with the boys in bars eating chicken wings and whistling at al the girls. To tell the truth I think macho behavior is the enemy and I don't want to be associated with that. Yes, I like fashion. I like women's fashion. and I LOVE men's fashion. (come on?? take a look inside my closet) I see fashion as a way to express myself, a way to show the world who I am. Fashion is a statement, a piece of art. I would love a career in this industry just because I will have the opportunity to work with people who share the same passion. I'd like to help people find there own style, a style they will feel comfortable and confident in. What's wrong with that??

So please, let me be an inspiration for yourself. Try to find the real you and get in touch with it. Try not to think about what other people would like you to do, or about what is considered normal in this society. Just be ''you'' and do what makes you happy. That is the meaning of life!

Let it all sink in, i'll see you on the next one. And remember one thing. Negativity is a bitch. It will only show your ugly side and it will only make the person you envy stronger in the end.

Good night, sleep tight.

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